The vast majority of pupils are looking very smart and in compliance with school expectations for uniform. This has been very clearly communicated on the school website and by letter and thank you to those parents/carers who are working with us. We know you value high standards.

If parents/carers are choosing to send their child to school in inappropriate uniform, the school will respond by reminding all parents/carers in the first instance of the standard required, this will be done on an individual basis. A short period of time will also be given for parents/carers to replace the inappropriate uniform items with appropriate uniform items.

If parents/carers are finding it difficult to respond, the school will assist and support where possible.

If the school sees no improvement, at this point the parent/carer will be invited in to meet with the Progress Leader and a member of the Senior Leadership Team, including the Headteacher. It is hoped that at this level a resolution can be found and standards re-instated. The school will endeavour to support our pupils in understanding how important following rules and maintaining standards are as a key employability skill.

However, if the parent/carer does not respond appropriately they will be invited in to meet with members of the Governing Body. The school hopes that a resolution will be found before this stage is reached.

The Governing Body has met to discuss your responses to our uniform votes. The main concern highlighted was the short time scale in which the new uniform was going to be implemented. With this in mind our new uniform will be introduced in September 2017, which will be our transition year. Full implementation of our fantastic uniform chosen by you will be September 2018 to coincide with the school’s 40th anniversary.

Following feedback we felt that clarification was needed in certain areas.

Can girls wear black trousers?

Yes, in line with acceptable uniform communication dated 20th July. (Also see below)

Why are we having a single supplier?

  • Payment plan available, to spread cost over next 12 months.
  • Discount available for siblings.
  • Accountability from supplier.
  • Control over variation in colours and styles.
  • Durable, good quality uniform.

Why are we having a blazer?

64.6% of the pupils when asked voted for a blazer.

Can we pass our uniform down?

Following feedback house logos will no longer feature on any uniform items with the exception of the tie, therefore making the uniform fully transferable and cost effective.

How can you guarantee the tie will be worn properly?

For health and safety reasons the tie will be of the clip on variety. This will ensure comfort and uniformity for all wearers.

The Governing Body would once again like to thank everybody who was involved in this democratic process.


Navy Argoed sweatshirt and grey Argoed polo shirt.

Black Skirt

Skirts must be ‘A’ line or pleated style, with the skirt worn to the knee.


Black Trousers

Trousers must be of a standard school tailored style without splits, belt buckles or other adornments.

Not acceptable

The following are unacceptable: Denims, cotton or canvas jeans, leggings, jeggings, skinnies, ski-pants or stretch fabrics.

Skirt styles not acceptable are: tight, short or ‘pencil’.

Black Tights

Tights must be plain black only (no patterned tights permitted). Either tights or socks must be worn, but not both and not trainer socks.

Hair Styles and Colouring

Added hair colours must be natural – not bright or contrasting such as dip-dyeing. Hair braiding is only acceptable without beads or accessories. Close shaved head (e.g. no shorter than a grade No. 2), patterns or patches cut into hair or eyebrows and hair extensions are not acceptable. Extreme haircuts such as Mohicans are also unacceptable.

Long hair must be tied up for health and safety reasons in some lessons.

Makeup and Nails

Makeup must not be used by pupils. Nails must be kept hygienic, safe length and not have nail polish on or acrylic nail extensions. This is for health and safety reasons.

Jewellery and Valuables

Pupils are allowed to wear a wrist watch and plain stud earrings, which may have to be removed for Health and Safety reasons during certain lessons. No other jewellery should be worn. The school cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of valuables.

Black Shoes

Black shoes must be worn. No trainer type shoe will be permitted. Footwear must be sensible and appropriate to school wear (this excludes high heels, sandals, boots, plimsolls, or any other inappropriate footwear).

From September 2017