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Homework Timetable

Extra Curricular

Get more from your school experience

We have a wide range of extra curricular activities which you can get involved in. Click on the activities to the right to read more about what we offer.

Code club will be on a Wednesday lunchtime in room 9A. An opportunity for learners to experiment with programming in Scratch and Python. They will also experiment with BBC Microbits so that they can see coding in action. Aimed at Year 7 and 8.

See one of the department teachers for more information.

Argoed High School’s Public Speaking Team meet regularly to promote a wide range of skills for pupils from Year 7 to 11. Pupils meet to discuss topical and controversial issues and share their views with others.

The teams enter three competitions each year and are required to work very hard to learn the demands of their role, write an appropriate speech and learn how to deliver their ideas professionally.

The team has been very successful over the last 5 years, regularly winning the Rotary’s Youth Speaks Public Speaking Competition, the English Speaking Union’s Public Speaking Competition and the English Speaking Union’s Performing Shakespeare Competition.

All pupils are welcome- look out for the announcements of dates and times which will be sent out by our Key Stage Four Public Speakers!

See one of the department teachers for more information.

I have a WBQ drop-in session after school on a Thursday until 4:15. It is a chance for all Year 10 and Year 11 to complete any challenges or tasks that they have been set. Some pupils may be invited to this, as their work needs slight improvement.

This drop-in session will be held in 9A, Mrs Kincaid will run this session.

See one of the department teachers for more information.

DT club – This is on every week on a Wednesday after school for Year 7 and 8 pupils and is run by Mrs Griffin and the DT leaders.

KS4 pupils are invited individually by staff to work on controlled assessment tasks after school on various evenings.

See one of the department teachers for more information.

The science department run once a week, for 15 weeks, a “Mad About Science” club. This is open to Year 7 learners giving them a fun environment for the learner to have freedom to discover the desired outcome and gain practical experience in a less pressured environment. This helps to improve independent learning skills. The Club is open to all abilities.

See one of the department teachers for more information.

Year Nine Options

Pupils have some choice over the subjects they study at this point where they progress from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum. It’s at this stage of a pupil’s school career that most schoolwork will be in preparation for the GCSE and other examinations which are taken throughout Year 10 and at the end of Year 11. This is also the stage where the school begins to prepare students for their move into further education, training or employment.


Recent Projects

This is where you’ll find details of some of our most recent school projects. We’re always looking out for opportunities to broaden the horizons of our pupils, to challenge and stretch them and to help them engage with their local and wider communities; you’ll see that our projects offer exciting opportunities to do those things and more.