Argoed MFL

Modern Foreign Languages Department

The MFL department at Argoed High School is a dynamic and forward-thinking department which values the communicative, cultural, linguistic and social skills that can be developed by learning a language.

Language acquisition is a demanding and varied activity and, as a department, we aim to make MFL lessons as stimulating and forward-thinking as possible.

Pupils should not only gain linguistic skills from language learning but also social and ICT skills, as well as knowledge of and empathy with other cultures.

KS3 - Course Content

The study of one Modern Foreign Language is compulsory to the end of KS3.

Languages studied

Year 7 - French or Spanish (2 forms take French and 2 forms take Spanish. Pupils carry on with this language until the end of year 9)

Year 8 - French or Spanish

Year 9 - French or Spanish

KS4 - Course Content

The study of a Modern Foreign Language at GCSE level is optional

Languages studied

Year 10 & 11 - WJEC GCSE in French or Spanish


Useful resources and revision links


KS3 Trips - We run several trips, including a trip to Normandy. The Languages and History departments organise a joint trip every June to explore French culture and improve language skills and also to visit and explore the history of the Normandy beaches. Around 50 pupils are involved each year. We allow an 18-month payment period so that parents can spread the monthly cost to a more manageable monthly payment.

KS4 Trips - The Science and Languages departments at Argoed join together to organise a winter trip to Paris. Pupils explore the language and culture via a trip to Paris and science via lectures and workshops on the environment and physics of the Disneyland Paris site.

We are looking to start a Spanish trip from 2021.