Argoed Humanities Department

Humanities Faculty

Welcome to Humanities - Croeso I'r Cyfadran Dyniathau

Here at Argoed High School, all pupils will learn about History, Geography and Religious Education. Religious education is a compulsory lesson taught up to Year 11 and given two hours per fortnight. History and geography remain two of the most popular GCSE subjects taken by pupils and we believe this is a testament to the dedicated teaching staff and outstanding GCSE results we continuously achieve. Both History and Geography receive five hours per fortnight to complete their studies in.

We believe the Humanities are essential subjects to learn in school. By exploring History, Geography and Religious education, we learn to think both critically and creatively, to reason and to ask questions. Humanities have been at the heart of education since the ancient Greeks used them to educate their citizens.

We believe it is important to study the Humanities to add to our knowledge of the world, including learning about different countries, cultures and people. Humanistic knowledge provides the ideal foundation for exploring human experiences in the past, the present and in the future. We encourage our pupils to think about ethical questions, including where, how and why people live.

Head of Faculty: Mrs Hanson

History teachers: Mrs Hanson and Mr Southgate

Religious Education teachers: Mrs Hanson and Mrs Goodwin

Geography teachers: Mrs Williams and Mr Butler