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Message From the Welsh Govenrment 24/03/2020 (click here)

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Emotional & Wellbeing Support

  • Flintshire CAMHS:  03000 859100
  • Flintshire Childrens Services: 01352 701000
  • Flintshire Child Protection (Out of Hours): 0845 0533116
  • School Nurses: To speak to your School Nurse, contact your local GP/clinic.
  • ChildLine - 0800 1111 There website contains information on a whole range of issues that may affect children and young people. Their online chat service and helpline provides free and confidential advice 24/7.
  • YoungMinds Helpful resources for and advice can be found on here for both young people and families/parents.
  • Students Against Depression Website offering information, resources and advice for young people with depression and tips from other young people also.
  • Papyrus Charity aimed at reducing the number of young suicides. They offer training to people and raise awareness. They also have a helpline called HOPElineUK which offers advice for young people thinking about suicide and for friends / family.
  • NSPCC The national society for the prevention of cruelty to children. The website provides information on the services that they run and which are currently run in your local area. They also have a helpline.
  • The National Autistic Society Website that contains lots of information about autism and the services the NAS offers.
  • ADDiSS The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service Website. It provides people-friendly information and resources about ADHD.
  • Barnardo's Barnardo‚Äôs is a UK based charity that aim to support venerable young people. The link provided allows you to search for the services that they provide in your local area.
  • Selfharm UK This website offers facts and myths about self-harm. It also offers advice on how to stay safe when self-harming and also advice on how to disclose self-harming. It also has an area where you can read other peoples stories and tell your own, as well as a blog page.
  • National Self Harm Network The National Self-Harm Network provides a range of information and factsheets about dealing with self-harm.
  • kidscape UK based charity based on preventing bullying and abuse. Offers advice to those affected by bullying themselves and also offers advice for parents of children affected by bullying.
  • Get Self Help A range of mobile apps have been developed for self-help. Links to these are available via the Get Self Help website.
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If your child is a high achiever, they will be well looked after at this school.

The quality of teaching and attainment in the STEM subjects is fantastic.

This school has one of the most inclusive, nurturing and highly skilled staff for ALN pupils in the region, let alone the county.

Current Notices

School Vision

We are a school which:

  • Provides a challenging curriculum where everyone fulfils their potential.
  • Invests in developing active and independent learning.
  • Prepares pupils to be well-balanced and responsible global citizens.
  • Has high expectations and aspirations for all.
  • Takes pride in all that we do and are accountable for our actions.